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For hair to be beautiful it must be healthy

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This is the cornerstone of all Philip Kingsley hair care products. A trained trichologist his concern is with the structure of hair including the diagnosis and treatment of diseases and disorders of both the hair and scalp.

Flaky or Itchy Scalps

Philip Kingsley Flaky Itchy ScalpsRecognised as a leading authority on hair and scalp health, Philip Kingsley's range has been created using his unique approach to hair care with more than fifty years trichological expertise and clinical experience. Careful research has resulted in these advanced formula products to control flakes and relieve itching scalps.

Use regularly to gain control and thereafter intermittently to maintain your hair and scalp health. Apply to wet hair and lather well with gentle kneading of the scalp. Rinse and repeat if necessary.

Scalp Tonic
Lightly towel dry hair after shampooing and apply this soothing toner to scalp in 1” (3cm) sections. Massage in with finger-tips and do not rinse. Comb through and style as required. Suitable for coloured and treated hair.

No Scent No Colour Range*

Philip Kingsley No ScentFor all hair types with sensitive, delicate or easily irritated scalps.

Cleanses your hair and scalp using the mildest ingredients. Its gently lathering formula is fragrance free and will leave your hair shiny and manageable. Suitable for children.

A mild yet effective conditioner that reduces tangles and leaves hair manageable and shiny. Suitable for children.