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TIGI - it's a way of life!

TIGI LogoTurn your hair into a work of art! These products from TIGI give ultra-control over your hair. From smoothing cream that gives your hair a silky, shiny look to an extreme hold hairspray that gives you a strong hold and shine. There is also a texturizing paste that gives a separated, piece out look and a massive shine hairspray. All these fabulous products give you all the control you need over the masterpiece that is your hair style!

TIGI translates fashion trends into an image statement and provides the products for you to do it. Whether you're a rock star, a red-carpet glamour queen or sleek and sophisticated, TIGI has the right products for your personality and lifestyle.


TIGI ProductsThis is a smoothing cream that gives your hair a fabulous silky, shiny, healthy look. It controls funky fly-aways to silk-ify hair and is the perfect party favour for frizzy hair.


A texturizing paste that is light, matte and provides a separated hold which gives a pieced out look. It creates thickness but also moisturises, giving a clean feel with scent.


If you want extreme hold and control then this is the product for you. It is a hard hold hairspray which dries instantly. The more it's used the harder it becomes. It gives a strong hold, subtle shine and conditions as it controls your hair.


This is a massive shine hairspray which can turn your hair into a work of art! It lasts all day and guards against dryness, it is humidity resistant and adds body to your hair.